Key Findings

  • Whilst the media landscape continues to fragment Out of Home retains its ability to reach mass audiences
  • Consumers are positive about brands that encourage interaction
  • Interactivity is taking many forms but smart devices in particular are unlocking the potential of interactivity with Out of Home
  • People are positive about a technology driven future – it is readdressing the balance of power, changing the traditional ‘push’ advertising model and enabling consumers to ‘get involved’
  • Younger audiences are seeing the potential of mobile technology more quickly. 
  • BUT consumers want something of perceived value in return for going to the effort of interacting
  • Awareness and usage of current means to interact is low - consumers see the technology as secondary to the core proposition and/or incentive
  • Social media and OOH are increasingly complementary – OOH is ideally placed to drive word of mouth / create brand ambassadors
In addition to the pan-European insights we also hold in-depth data for each of the countries included within the study.